Пеллетный котел

The new pellet stoves are comparable to conventional stoves. The pellet stove, which is fired with wood pellets, reduces the consumption of fuels and also has a very high heat output with good exhaust gas balance.

The fuel of the pellet stove is stored in a kind of tank in the oven. If necessary, the pellets can be fed in the right amount and then fall into the actual combustion trough. In this trough, the pellets are ignited by a fuse. The desired amount of fresh air is supplied by a fan and regulates the combustion.

The heat requirement of the pellet stoves can be conveniently controlled and monitored automatically by remote control or with timers. The overheating of the furnace is not possible because the automation can detect them immediately and can reduce the temperature. It is also possible to control a pellet stove via smartphone and tablet.

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